The 5 Day Fix Your Ads Challenge!
Fix Your Facebook and Instagram Ads in JUST 5 Days...

You Could be Just ONE Tweak Away 
from 10x Ads Results!
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5 Days. 5 Steps. ONLY $5
  • Step 1:  Know Your Numbers...
  •  Step 2: Fix Your Frequency...
  •  Step 3: Tweak Your Targeting...
  •  Step 4: Optimize Your Objective...
  •  Step 5: Kill Your Copy & Creative!!!
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Are You Ready to Fix Your Ads and Watch Your Business Soar?

Step 1: Know your Numbers

Learn which numbers you should be checking daily, and what you should be reporting to your clients or analyzing for yourself. Discover how your ads measure up to industry standards!

Step 2: Fix your Frequency

Learn about this often-neglected metric. Learn what the ideal frequency numbers are for different objectives and creative elements to prevent audience fatigue and weak results!

Step 3: Tweak your Targeting

Get Michele's 4 BEST tips to refine your targeting, plus learn what ideal audience sizes look like and how to get there. We'll also talk about how to reverse engineer your budget based on audience size!

Step 4: Optimize your Objective

Learn about the 3 levels of objectives and find out if you're really using the BEST objective for your goals (hint: this step ALWAYS triggers a few
 "a-ha" moments from participants!)

Step 5: Kill your Copy & Creative

Learn which elements have the MOST impact on your ad results and peek inside some real live campaigns that have crushed it and gotten 10x return on ad spend!
You Could be ONE Tweak Away from 10x Results!
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Still Have Some Questions?

How is the content delivered?

The 5 daily trainings will be delivered inside a private challenge Facebook Group & delivered via email. Challenge participants can ask specific questions inside the group!

Who is this challenge for?

This is NOT for beginners looking to get started with Facebook ads. Participants should have basic or intermediate knowledge of Facebook ads and have run at least 1 campaign to get the MOST value.

Who's running this thing?

Michele Caruana is an award-winning Ads Strategist and Marketer, and co-founder of Digital Brand Envy. She's been running Facebook ads for 9 years and has tricks & experience she's excited to share!

Why does this cost $5?

There's a LOT of info inside. We love doing free challenges- but find that asking participants to put a little skin in the game- even just the price of a latte- helps with accountability. aWe want everyone to come out of the challenge with AMAZING results! So motivate yourself to apply each of the 5 steps RIGHT away!

What if I have questions?

All challenge participants will have the chance to ask questions inside the private Facebook Group. Michele will also be going LIVE inside the group to answer questions at the midway point and the end of the challenge for extra support!

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts Monday November 26 and lasts for 5 days. Participants will have access to the trainings for a full week after the challenge ends.

Any questions for Michele MUST be asked during the 5 days, though!

You Could be Just ONE Tweak Away 
from 10x Ads Results!
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