Validate Your Local Business Idea-
5 Day Workshop
Get Crystal Clear on your Next Steps in Just 5 Days!
Are You Frustrated with Trying to Determine 
if Your Indoor Playground 
Business Concept will Work ?
Not Anymore. 
I own a successful indoor playground and I have helped over 500 entrepreneurs along their path from "daydream to opening day". 

Let me walk you through my process of validating a business idea that I normally reserve for my clients!
Day 1: Refining your Business Idea

We'll reach some key decisions and create a one-page business summary to give you clarity as we move forward in the process
Day 2: Completing Competitive Analysis

I'll show you how to research your potential competition and gather all the details you need to understand their strengths and weaknesses

Day 3: Finding your Niche through Market Research

We'll take the info from days 1 & 2 to discover where the "gaps in the market" are and determine exactly how YOUR business can fill them

Day 4: Identifying your Ideal Customers

Now that you know what you'll offer- it's time to determine WHO needs (and more importantly- will PAY for) your products and services 

Day 5: Perfecting your Concept & Moving Forward

We'll combine ALL of the research from days 1-4 and get you started on a rock-solid business plan that will knock the socks of investors, banks, and potential partners!

..But Wait!
If You're REALLY Motivated...

I'm going to give all challenge participants the chance to purchase my business plan toolkit (complete with the 34-page business plan template I use) for 52% OFF the normal price!

Beginning March 23- I will send all workshop participants a NEW video training every day for 5 days.

I am ALSO opening up a private, participant ONLY Facebook group where I'll be answering questions and helping YOU every step of the way! 
You can change your life in 5 days-- for just $7. NOW.
The Hardest Part is Getting Started.
It seems like everyone has an idea for their own business
But the reality is-- most will never take action and make it happen. And I've found that the reason is usually fear. Fear that the business will fail, fear that no one will buy from them, fear that they'll WASTE precious time and money. But it DOESN'T NEED to be that way. Let's decide whether your idea will take off (or not!). I only need one hour per day of your time for 5 days!

Here's How it Works...
Once you join, you'll be sent a link to join our PRIVATE Facebook community. It's not required to join, but it's where I'll be going live, answering questions... you get the idea.

You'll also get an email from me every day for 5 days beginning March 9. 
You can expect:

  • 5, 20-minute Training Videos: Every day, beginning December 9, I'll email you that day's training. I've gone through this process with hundreds of other entrepreneurs, I've got it down to a SCIENCE!
  • A Workshop Workbook: This will make all of the information you research & learn really "stick" and help you for months & years to come!
  • ​Action Steps:  Every day you'll have action items to complete so that, at the end of the 5 days, you'll know whether or not your business idea can be profitable AND how to move forward!
  • A Place to Ask Questions: After you read the day's email & watch the training- I'll give you the chance to check in with me (and the other challenge participants!) inside the private Facebook group and get advice, feedback, and more!
Plus, You'll be Collaborating with Other Entrepreneurs in the SAME boat as you.
You've got nothing to lose!
"I would not be standing here in this location had it not been for the information inside. I cannot say enough good things about it. THANK YOU!"
Tanya - Owner of The Tot Spot
"I really appreciate how detailed Michele is. This is full of amazing people who have amazing advice. You will get your money's worth and 100x more!"
Priya - Owner of The Play Grove
Let’s Break it all Down.
This 5-day virtual workshop is for you if...
  • You have a business idea, but aren't sure if it can be profitable
  • You want to make sure your business stands out amongst your competition
  • ​You want to learn who your ideal customers are and how to nail your messaging in order to convert your target market into REAL, paying clients
  • ​You want access to a private, supportive community of other entrepreneurs who are working through the SAME process you are!
  • ​​You know that you can save thousands of hours and dollars by learning from someone who has GONE through this process (many, many times)
If you've ever thought, "What if..."
THIS is how you can gain clarity and decide your next steps-- ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I'll be there to walk you through the 5-day workshop
I'll be there to walk you through the 5-day workshop

So, what happens after the 5 days?
After you determine if your business idea is something you want to move forward with... I'll let you know EXACTLY how to execute your plan!
What if I fall behind?
You'll have access to the challenge materials (and me!) for a full week after the challenge ends, in case you missed a day (or two!) and need to catch up!
What if I have a question?
I'll be inside the private Facebook group JUST for workshop participants to answer ALL your questions! I'll be going live daily and will answer questions I get via email, the group, and more!
Where is this workshop taking place?
This workshop takes place entirely online! I'll send all of the materials to you via email, and you can interact with other workshop participants in the private Facebook group!

What if I don't want to open an indoor playground?
That's fine! I've helped people start event planning businesses, mobile soft play businesses, cafes, and more! But if you want to open an indoor playground or play cafe-- you NEED this challenge!

What if I fall behind?
You'll have access to the challenge materials (and me!) for a full week after the challenge ends, in case you missed a day (or two!) and need to catch up!

When does this workshop take place?
This workshop begins March 23 and lasts 5 days. Once you sign up, I'll email you the link to join the Facebook group and give you access to the workbook!

So... Who's Running this Workshop Anyway?
Hi- I'm Michele Caruana! And I'm glad you asked.

While I don't have ALL the answers-- I do have 5 years of hands-on experience and tough lessons under my belt, and I am passionate about helping others AVOID the same mistakes myself and SO many other business owner's make.

 Even though I have a Master's Degree in Economics and Years of Business and Marketing experience, it took me YEARS to "crack the code" and turn my Indoor Playground from an expensive hobby into a business-- 

And I want to get YOU there in less time and with much less stress. I'm ready to share all my secrets with YOU!

- Michele Caruana, Creator of Play Cafe Academy and owner of Climbing Vines Cafe & Play
Retail Marketing Champion of the Year, 2018- Victor Economic Development Committee 
Over 500+ Happy Customers- I've helped over 500 entrepreneurs through previous paid workshops and course and now it's YOUR turn to gain access to the information that can change your life!
Up and Coming Business Person of the Year, 2018-  Rochester Small Business Association  
So... Why $7? 
Because if you pay... You'll pay attention
I've hosted DOZENS of free workshops and trainings as well as many PAID trainings. 

The difference?

People with some "skin in the game"-- even if the cost is equivalent to a Starbucks trip-- are not only more invested--


I want this workshop group to be filled with people who are SERIOUS and MOTIVATED to get clarity on their business idea. Because that excitement is contagious.

And that's what I'm here for-- to get YOU results in as little time as possible. 

You'll see ;)

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